Q:What is the EPL and where can I find it?

The Evaluated Products List (EPL) serves two purposes:

  • It fulfils the AISEP’s requirement of the CCRA to publish a list of AISEP-certified products
  • It provides a comprehensive list of ACSC-evaluated ICT security products that meet the needs of Australian and New Zealand government agencies in securing official resources in accordance with the Information Security Manual (ISM).

The EPL publishes:

  completed or progressing AISEP evaluations

  CC evaluations up to EAL 2 that are progressing through or have completed an ACSC Cryptographic evaluation

  completed ACSC High assurance evaluations

  completed discrete ACSC-recognised evaluations

  a links the CC Portal’s certified product list, which includes CCRA mutually- recognised evaluated products EAL 1 through 2

  link to the historical EPL for ICT products retired from the EPL.